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Friday, May 5, 2017


Ever heard of leather britches? This isn’t the kind that hugs your curves. LOL Back in the day, people would use string and a large-eye needle to help preserve their green beans for the winter. One by one, they threaded the string through the middle of the green beans. When they had strung a length of about three feet, they tied off the ends and hung the beans in a dry place. My Mammaw hung hers from the rafters of her enclosed porch. When the green beans had dried, they would turn brown and leathery, hence the name, leather britches. When Mammaw was ready to cook a pot, she would take down a string full of beans, reconstitute them in water, and then cook them. My mom said they were delicious.
Do you have any historical fun facts tor a Back in the Day story to share? If you do, comment below.
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